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Crazy Dog Lady Photographs Smiling Dogs To Make People Smile Too

Animal photographer Alex Cearns based in Perth, Australia, loves to photograph dogs. They’re her favorite animals and it’s safe to say she’s a crazy dog lady.

Nothing makes Alex smile more than spending time with dogs and laughing at their zany, adorable antics, and they are the inspiration behind her latest photography series, ‘Happy Pooch Face’.

Alex lives with two rescue dogs, Pip and Pixel, and one rescue cat, Macy, and claims that animals are her “favorite kind of people. “To me, dogs are love and light. They are always joyous and give so much back to us”, she says.

“Nothing expresses pure joy to me more than a big, wide smile on a happy canine. Some people say we teach our dogs to smile in response to our own facial expressions, but I’m sure it’s the other way around – being with them makes us feel happy, so we smile back.”

Alex aims to make a difference to the lives of animals and conducts fundraising projects and donates sponsorship to around 40 global animal charities, shelters and sanctuaries.

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